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Stabilimax® answers a real market need for dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine.

Spinal nonfusion technologies are quickly becoming the next evolutionary phase in the treatment of severe DDD. The clear
advantage of spinal nonfusion technologies are their abilities to restore and maintain relative motion and function while successfully treating the patient's pain symptoms. Pedicle screw based dynamic stabilization could be the most logical solution for most surgeons and patients who are seeking to preserve motion while still treating spinal instability and back pain. There is, in other words, a middle road between disc arthroplasty and spine fusion; a middle road that ultimately may be more consistently successful for patients and their surgeons. The Stabilimax® Dynamic Spine Stabilization System is an investigational non-fusion platform designed to support an injured or degenerated spine while preserving spine motion. Stabilimax has the potential to maintain spine motion and disc function, reduce pain and prevent or reduce the risk of adjacent level disc disease.

The 2009 global spinal non-fusion market generated approximately $900 million in sales; 22% OUS. Growth predicted to be to $3.3
billion in sales worldwide by 2015. Pedicle Based Dynamic Stabilization is third largest segment in space (behind Cervical Discs and Interspinous Spacers); ahead of facet replacements, with a CAGR of 26%.

** This product has not been cleared for use in the United States