Rachiotek LLC, a medical device company developing the Stabilimax™ Dynamic Spine Stabilization System, a dynamic stabilization device designed to support an injured or degenerated spine without eliminating motion, has received a patent covering a unique way of enabling significant motion of the vertebrae.  The Patent, number US 7,931,675 B2, is titled “Dynamic Stabilization Device including Overhanging Member.”

Peter Feinstein, Chairman of Rachiotek commented, “One problem with many dynamic stabilization devices is a lack of space between the pedicles. This lack of space limits the amount of motion allowed by the device and is thought to be critical to clinical performance.”  Feinstein added, “To gain space Rachiotek’s new patent describes an overhang of the rod beyond the upper or lower screw of the construct. The overhang ‘creates space’ between the pedicles, potentially increasing the amount of motion that the device permits and enabling clinically relevant motion.”

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