Rachiotek LLC, a recently formed Delaware company, has acquired the assets of Applied Spine Technologies Inc., (AST) formerly headquartered in Rocky Hill, CN, the company announced today. Rachiotek plans to continue developing the Stabilimax® Dynamic Spine Stabilization System, a pedicle-based posterior dynamic stabilization device designed to support an injured or degenerated spine while maintaining kinematic motion. In particular, the new entity is focused on the completion of critical clinical trials demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the Stabilimax® system. Over 100 patients have been enrolled in the United States to date. In addition, Rachiotek will continue to enhance and enforce the AST patent portfolio while also establishing new CE certification. AST was founded in 2004 in conjunction with Yale University based on the research of Dr. Manohar Panjabi, an acknowledged authority on spinal joint function and its implications for implants.

Stabilimax® is a posterior lumbar spinal stabilization system designed to support an injured or degenerated spine without eliminating motion. It has the potential to maintain kinematic spine motion and disc function, reduce pain and prevent or significantly reduce the risk of adjacent level disc disease. Stabilimax is expected to offer numerous advantages over both current and forthcoming spinal fixation products as well as disc arthroplasty technologies including a much less invasive and less traumatic implant procedure, maintenance of spine motion and disc function, and the potential to prevent or slow adjacent-segment disc disease.

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